Johnson & Pace Received Two Safety Awards

Longview, Texas: Johnson & Pace was honored for excellence in safety training by the Safety Council of East Texas at an awards luncheon in April. Johnson & Pace received two awards for 2013 Zero Incident Rate and for Three Years of Zero Incidents. Only work performed in the East Texas area for the year 2013 by member companies were eligible for an award. 

The Safety Council of East Texas was formed 23 years ago by local contractors and industries to promote and improve workplace safety through safety training. Rick Wall, Council President of Operations said, “The criteria to qualify for an award was stringent, and based upon the federal OSHA injury reporting requirements. Johnson & Pace met the award requirements and we are excited to recognize their efforts in promoting safety training in the workplace. The companies receiving these awards understand that safety training is required by law and it is good business to provide a safe and healthful workplace for their employees.”

Marilyn Petty, Safety Coordinator for Johnson & Pace commented, "Johnson & Pace employees are committed to safety at work and at home. I am proud to accept these two awards in recognition of that. Companies in East Texas are fortunate to have the Safety Council of East Texas to provide safety training in our area." Companies from the manufacturing industries, industrial services, energy industry, oil field services, and construction participated in the event.