Johnson & Pace has the services you need. As a multi-disciplined firm, we can take the concept of your project and help you through the design process until your concept is reality. We work with you throughout design and construction, so you will be completely satisfied with the end result. Our team of engineers, architects, and surveyors are proud of the specialized services we provide:

The Johnson & Pace Architectural Engineering team utilizes a client-centered approach to design, documentation and construction-phase services that allows us to offer design versatility, detailed project development and a high degree of customer satisfaction. We administer rigorous and detailed programming techniques to identify and understand specific project goals and objectives for budget, spatial requirements, building character, life safety strategies, building accessibility and code compliance.  

Johnson & Pace provides solutions to help our industrial clients build, operate, expand, and maintain their facilities more efficiently. With design experience in wood products plants, paper mills, poultry plants, power plants and oil and gas processing facilities, we understand our clients’ requirements and leverage that knowledge to design facilities, infrastructure improvements, building additions, facility renovations, and safety modifications.

Your project is nothing without the site on which it resides. Grading, drainage, utilities, SWPPPs, private drives with curb and gutter, parking design, erosion control, and permitting all play an important role in the development of your land for your purpose. 

Johnson & Pace land development professionals are experienced in the design of residential subdivisions, shopping centers, restaurants, office parks, industrial sites, and public facilities such as schools and libraries. They will strategically develop the unique critical path that will most efficiently and effectively transform your project from initial concept, into design, permitting, construction, and project closeout.

Our land surveying services include due diligence, easement and acquisition, topography, right-of-way, horizontal and vertical control, construction staking, record research, and all types of boundary surveys. In addition, we can provide TxDOT route surveys for roadwork; we also provide pipeline survey services from lease roads to well site mapping. In addition, we perform Hydrographic Surveys and surveys for various coal mine applications (TBPLS Firm # 10025400).

Johnson & Pace MEP engineers provide mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design services that comply with established design codes and technical guidelines. Our services include HVAC systems, exhaust systems, pumping systems, roof drains and piping, cold and hot water systems including hot water heat, natural gas piping, medical gas systems, and much more. Services include mechanical, plumbing, and electrical engineering design for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities.  

Johnson & Pace provides mining engineering services to individual mines and large energy companies. Our services to them include land surveying, designing sedimentation ponds, diversions, access and haulroads, and state highway relocations. In addition, we design permanent impoundments, drainage plans, and erosion control plans. Our services don’t stop there; we also submit our plans to the Rail Road Commission (RRC) for approval before any design is constructed.

The Management Information Systems (MIS) & Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team at Johnson & Pace includes professionals with diverse backgrounds in Information Systems, Database design, Surveying, and Digital Mapping.

Our team has worked with a variety of clients in many different industries giving us practical, first-hand knowledge of ways to help you make excellent business decisions regardless of your industry. We take your everyday data and turn it into meaningful information by creating an online document, establishing a project, and developing your company management system, or we can take your maps and fuel them with data, allowing you to ask better questions and get superior results. 

Johnson & Pace structural engineers evaluate the suitability of building materials for given structural applications and develop cost-effective designs. In addition, they ensure compliance with established design codes and technical guidelines addressing not only “standard” building loads, but also wind, seismic, and flood loads associated with newly adopted building codes.

Johnson & Pace professionals help municipal governments and other local governing boards solve infrastructure and land use issues with services that include water/wastewater engineering, roadway engineering, downtown beautification projects, city park creation and rehabilitation, maintenance and office facilities, land acquisition, and CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) administration.

Johnson & Pace provides a full range of water and wastewater engineering services. We study, plan, and design facilities that meet complex regulations: desalination systems, source developments, distribution systems, wells and well fields, and reservoirs. We know how to treat, store and convey clean, pure drinking water from ground and surface water sources to the tap. At the same time, we offer effective management and treatment wastewater and its residuals from small, decentralized systems to large, complex municipal and industrial systems.