Through modern software and network systems, Johnson & Pace can organize and display your data customized to your needs.  Our SharePoint and database specialist will help you make sense of all your data be it company, employee, or even CAD related information on any device you choose to view it in.  From large mines to small offices, we can help you find exactly what you need when you need it.

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Bobby Huckabay
Manager, IT & GIS/MIS
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Management Information Systems

1. Document, Project, and Company Management System Development:

Johnson & Pace utilizes Microsoft SharePoint software to create a cloud (Online) based document and company management system for easy 24/7 access whenever and wherever. Our services provide a single location for all of your data storing and sharing needs. A variety of data can be stored and shared establishing a logical and efficient system you can access whatever you need as soon as you need it. You can easily store libraries of documents, engineering plans, proposals for different projects, and keep track of important daily and monthly metrics to make sure your company is on track at all times.

2. Enterprise Database Management:

The databases needed to communicate and maintain current data are one of the most important behind-the-scenes business aspects of your company. Johnson & Pace will provide you with Database Management for your company’s multitude of databases such as company contacts, client lists, equipment inventory, training logs, and many others. This ensures when you make a change in one location; it’s updated everywhere, so you know you always have the most current data.

3. Cloud (Online)-based Management System:

One of the most valuable aspects of the MIS services we provide is Cloud-based Management Systems. This means you can access whatever you want to see from wherever an internet connection is present. Whether you’re in the office, at a conference, or on vacation you can log in and check business progress or reports you need to see.

Geographic Information Systems

1. Spatial Data Development and Mapping:

GIS and database mapping is a perfect way to view your maps, because they’re fueled by back-end data. We tie pertinent information to map features such as roads, ponds, or buildings. You can simply click on a feature and get quick facts, or click on a link and check out all the associated documents and plans with that feature. 

2. Interactive Database Driven Maps:

Because the maps we build are driven by data, you will be able to interact with your maps to help you ask and answer detailed questions. Database driven maps allow you to move in and out, zoom, turn layers on and off, and see how various features may be affected in a visual format. Sometimes it takes a visual representation of your data to get the best picture. This also means you are able to perform searches on data or keywords to find various features in the maps.

3. Cloud ( Online)-based Mapping

Like our MIS services, our maps reside in the cloud allowing you to view them in a browser window without needing to install special software. That means you can view it at work, at home, or on vacation with any laptop, tablet, or computer. Be assured it will work regardless of location.