Precision and accuracy are the watchwords for Johnson & Pace's team of structural engineers who design buildings and structures to stand the test of time. Our engineers evaluate the suitability of building materials and match the product to the project to optimize cost-effectiveness. If you are looking for green certification of your project, our accredited LEED professionals can help earn your new building or renovation certification.

Direct Contact

Rich Lewis
Manager, Facility Design and Structural Engineering (PE, SE, LEED AP)
(903) 753-0663 Email

Johnson & Pace's Structural Engineering team provides structural design services that ensure compliance with established design codes and technical guidelines addressing not only "standard" building loads, but also wind, seismic, and flood loads associated with newly adopted building codes.

Our suite of structural design services include:

  • Equipment Support for Cranes and Conveyance Systems
  • New Structures
  • Additions or Renovations
  • Foundations, Floors, and Roofs
  • Stability Assessments
  • Structural Reviews
  • Failure Analysis